A Guide to Choosing a Carrying Attachment for Your Pistol



The means of attachment from the holster to the clothing of the person carrying it is another important item to consider. First off, your gun should somehow be connected to your person. Common options include paddle, belt clip, belt loop, and other options.


1. Paddle


Paddle holsters are one of the most popular types of outside the waistband (OWB) holsters. They get their name from the rigid contoured broad clip that’s shaped like a paddle, which is used to secure the holster inside the waistline or along the user’s belt.To maximize the performance, you should still wear a belt with these holsters but a definite bonus is they can be taken on and off relatively quickly without needing to unhinge your belt. Another bonus to a paddle is it provides a broad base that fits up against your body and can help to prevent any twist that might occur during a draw motion, making them very reliable for a smooth draw. The downside is they do tend to push the firearm a little further from the body and this can cause some of them to be harder to conceal.


2. Belt Clip

There are many different types of clips and many manufacturers even make different types for the same style holster. Some clips are designed more for durability, some more for concealability trying to show as little of the clip as possible to an observer.



3. Drop Leg Platform

Sometimes called a thigh carry, or just a thigh holster. The drop leg is attached to your belt, dropped down against your thigh, and then tied off securely around your leg. Unlike with standard holsters or appendix style holsters, you don’t have to deal with extra bulk and somewhat awkward positioning. Yes, concealment goes right out the window with this kind of rig. You will always advertise that you’re carrying with a drop leg. But if you’re on duty, at the range, or open carrying for any reason at all the odds are concealment isn’t going to be a priority, anyway.


4. MOLLE Attachment

MOLLE attachment fits a variety of compatible packs, platforms, vests, and plate carriers. The MOLLE (Modular, Lightweight, Load-carrying Equipment) system is a stable and secure way to add pouches and accessories to your gear.



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