A Holster for G19 with Single Magazine Pouch Facilitates You to the Utmost

Are you tired of carrying a lot of attachments on your duty belt system? Or are you finding a holster with a magazine pouch? Why not try this all-in-one Holster for G19 with Single Magazine Pouch? I bet you will be amazed by its convenient and user-friendly user experience.

This Holster for G19 with Single Magazine Pouch, as its name shows, features an integrated holster and a single magazine pouch that is handy and convenient for reloading the magazine in various scenarios liek shooting training, shooting competition, self-defense, etc., and fits Glock 19, Glock 23, Glock 32, (Gen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Glock 19 Gen 5, and Glock 19X.

Worth to mention, the one-screw tension adjustment mechanism allows you to adjust the holster and magazine pouch tension respectively. By adjusting the screw beneath the trigger lock and on the mag pouch with appropriate Allen Keys, your pistol and magazines will be held in place while running or walking, not too tight nor too loose.

The rhombic release button and the dazzling and awesome appearance are also highlights. Compared with the previous little round release button, the upgraded rhombic one enlarges the contact area between your index finger and the button, giving you better comfortability and making it faster to draw out the pistol. Besides, the dazzling and awesome appearance also adds attractiveness and glory to the holster.

On top of that, the Holster for G19 with Single Magazine Pouch also attaches to 10 different carrying platforms with gear, like Paddle, MOLLE, Quick Adjust Belt Loop, Quick Adjust Belt Clip, Low Ride Belt Loop, Drop Leg Platform, Shoulder Harness, etc. You can freely rotate the gear to customize the wearing cant 360 degrees.

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