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Brief Introduction

The Leading Asian Holster brand ;

Founded in 2008, as a leading brand for professional holsters in Asia, Cytac has initiated more than 50 international patents each year. We have since expanded to providing our holsters to over 130 countries, with over 30,000,000 holster sets sold. We pride ourselves on having a ZERO ACCIDENT RECORD for over 14 years.

Our team of professional engineers are detailed and designed oriented, their goal is to produce the safest and easiest to use holster in the market, Our holsters must pass a strenuous series of tests conducted by professionals, to ensure they meet our standards of quality, reliability and simplicity, each piece must be tested by professional shooters and used in combat to ensure security.

Cytac Products

Cytac holsters are precision manufactured to fit the world’s most popular firearms, in the diversified lines include:

Mega-Fit Holsters, fits to more than 150+ pistols

R-Defender: Level II Protection. Common Index Finger Release System

T-ThumbSmart: Level II Protection. Safety Thumb Release System.

I-Mini-guard: Level I Protection. IWB Type for Concealed Carry.

F-Speeder: Level I Protection. Fast Draw Holster.

Cytac Business Partners

Cytac serves worldwide including in United States, France, Hungary, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Africa etc., Cytac has become long-term stragegic partner with many top firearms manufacturer such as Glock, Ruger etc. And many top brands of tactical equipment in the all over the world.

Cytac Innovation

Cytac is a highly innovative company that operates with a sophisticated philosophy and has gained a good market reputation with it’s professional service and quality product.


Cytac Culture

  • Cytac Philosophy

Create value for customers

Create wealth for employees

Create benefits for shareholders

Take responsibility for society

  • Cytac Core Values

Integrity | Professionalism | Cooperating | Enterprising | Win-win

  • Cytac Vision

Every one in Cytac has a warm home in Shenzhen, China!

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Meet our team

Joe Zhang

Joe Zhang
Founder & Chairman

Joe Zhang established Cytac Technology Limited in 2008, focusing on providing tactical equipment solutions.

Joe was a senior engineer of the Air Force. He noticed that there were secured and quality tactical gear on the market, but most of them cannot afford it.

After left the army, he decided to make high-quality tactical gear at a moderate price and then create Cytac. Starting with holster design, Joe spent almost 2 years and finally completed the first gun holster design. Worldwide tactical men started to know Cytac – who supply reliable and cost-effective holster.

Since then, Joe built Cytac R&D team and designed over 100 holster models and tactical equipment. Cytac team continued to develop new tactical products.

Joe hopes everybody can afford and gear up the better tactical gear and hope Cytac can be one of the best choices.

Christina Wang

Christina Wang
Co-founder & CEO

Christina Wang was the co-founder of several well-known companies. She is an expert in business management, brand building, and operation. She used to build some new brands into well-known brands.

After founding Cytac, she focuses on building Cytac into an international brand in the tactical field.

Cytac products are exported to more than 90 countries and Cytac brand gains a high reputation. The tactical products of Cytac brand are considered to be safe, reliable, high-quality, and good value gear in the tactical industry.

Jenny Huang

Jenny Huang
Shareholder & VP of Sales

Jenny Huang joined in Cytac team in 2009. She has excellent business qualities such as honest, concentration, hard-working, etc.

She is good at learning, thinking, and summarizing while negotiating with customers, aiming to provide great products and satisfying service to them.

With a keen sense of the market, excellent analytical skills, and more than 10 years of experience in sales and team building, she leads Cytac sales team to open up and developing new markets in the tactical field.

Cytac also establishes long-term strategic partnerships with dozens of the world’s top firearm manufacturers.

Cytac R&D Team & Sales Team

Cytac R&D team keeps creating. They study the tactical industry and developing reliable and practical equipment. They designed hundreds of tactical products used in different tactical circumstances, and obtain over 100 patents.

Cytac sales make a team with integrity, passion, and service-oriented. They are the main and direct channel for customers to know Cytac, then partner with Cytac. They are indispensable to connect you and Cytac.

Cytac Shareholders

Cytac Shareholders

Cytac shareholders are sincere, dedicated, and progressive. Each of them is loyal to Cytac philosophy and company core values. Together with Cytac, they pursue a better me, and the better Cytac.