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8 Best Tactical Flashlights of 2023

As heavy-duty and multi-purpose tools, tactical flashlights offer easy operation and lighting modes, ideal for self-defense and outdoor adventures. As the outdoor writer and consultant Cliff Jacobson goes, the handheld tactical flashlight can do “Everything from searching for a lost item under furniture, to blinding an unwelcome intruder, to scaring a persistent varmint or a […]

8 Handgun Triggers & Actions (Comprehensive Guide)

Many people want to know the difference between various triggers and action types when they start to reach on their first handguns. Handgun triggers is what makes the gun go bang when pressed. They are quite straightforward. However, the different handgun design, internal mechanisms, and contrasting hammers make distinct handgun triggers in configurations, trigger types, […]

7 Most Popular Calibers for Handguns

Ever since the handguns were born, different calibers have existed to use with hand-sized firearms. The list of all pistol calibers seems endless ranging from bullets designed for revolvers to cartridges for home defense or hunting guns. Different calibers were used over and over again, and some calibers stood out and were widely praised as […]

6 Types of Police Handcuffs

Handcuff are restraint equipment to restrain a suspect from escaping or transport arrestees safely. Generally, handcuffs consist of two parts that close around the wrists and are connected together by a chain, hinge, or rigid bar. Each cuff has a rotating arm which holds the closed cuff on someone’s wrist and uses a ratchet mechanism […]