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What to Expect from Mega-Fit Holster Gen2?

Looking for the best universal pistol holster for personal defense or shooting training use? Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 outfits over 150 popular full size and compact semi-automatic pistols around the world, including Glock, Ruger, Beretta, etc. Based on user’s feedback and our ammunition tests, Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 has made great improvements on its appearance and performance […]

Monthly Phoenix Mountain Climbing Competition at the Blossom Season

In order to enrich the recreational activities for employees, improve their physical fitness, and create a healthy and positive corporate culture, our company organized a mountain climbing competition at Shenzhen Phoenix Mountain Forest Park on Feb. 25, 2023. On that day, all personnel who entered for the competition gathered at the stone entrance sign of […]

Chinese Lantern Festival: History, Customs, and Activities

Last Friday, our company held the annual Lantern Festival celebration for the Year of the Rabbit. All colleagues seated together in the Conference Room, passed a balloon in cheerful melodies, made paper lanterns, and ate Yuanxiao (元宵) or Tangyuan (汤圆). We laughed and clapped and everyone was immersed in the festive atmosphere. The Lantern Festival […]

Chinese New Year: Rituals, Customs, and Taboos

The annual Chinese New Year is coming and the traditional Chinese New Year this year falls on January 22nd, 2023. As the lunar new year is approaching, we Chinese will take long holidays off. Do you know something about the traditional Chinese New Year before? If not actually, follow us to get a comprehensive understanding […]