How to Choose a Suitable Baton?


With the market offering hundreds of batons, your ideal baton will largely depend on what you intend to use it for and your preference. Today, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of some popular baton!

Types of Batons

1. Friction Lock Expandable Batons – The most common type of expandable baton are friction lock batons.

2.Lever-loc Expendable Batons – These expandable batons retract by holding the shaft firmly and twisting it anti-clockwise.

3. Disc-loc Expandable Batons – These are the most modern expandable batons available on the market today.

Best Baton Brands

  1. ASP
  2. Rothco
  3. Streetwise
  4. Fox Tactical
  5. Smith & Wesson
  6. Monadnock
  7. Police Force Tactical
  8. Mtech
  9. Safety Tech
  10. Galls

1. ASP Batons

Armament Systems & Procedures (ASP) manufactures an impressive collection of expandable batons, but three products are a cut above the rest: the Talon Infinity 50cm, the Friction Loc Baton 21”, and the Agent Infinity Concealable Baton 40cm.

ASP Friction Loc Baton 21”

2. Smith & Wesson 

Smith & Wesson (S&W) are best known for their firearms, but guns aren’t the only form of self-defense they offer. This trustworthy brand also produces an affordable alternative to the ASP Tactical Expandable Baton.

3. Monadnock AutoLock

Monadnock’s AutoLock Baton is pretty much the gold standard for batons.

Monadnock AutoLock Baton Patrol Kit

4. Streetwise

The Streetwise Barbarian is an all-in-one baton, stun gun and flashlight.

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