Monthly Phoenix Mountain Climbing Competition at the Blossom Season

In order to enrich the recreational activities for employees, improve their physical fitness, and create a healthy and positive corporate culture, our company organized a mountain climbing competition at Shenzhen Phoenix Mountain Forest Park on Feb. 25, 2023.

On that day, all personnel who entered for the competition gathered at the stone entrance sign of the park at 8:40 a.m. Then, we began to divide them into seven groups and give out the bib numbers to them. The competition set up individual and group awards. All the competitors needed to sign in halfway and at the mountain top. Only the team and individuals who first reached the Phoenix Pavilion on the mountain top would have the chance to compete for championship.

The fierce competition was in full swing. One hour later, when all contestants reached the mountain top, they started to descend the mountain to join the non-participants who had been waiting for hours beside the park entrance. After a ten-minute break, HR & Admin Dept. began to award the men’s and women’s individual champion and runner-ups and the team champion. All winners were awarded a medal, while the champions had extra trophies.

Next, our photographer took a group photo to record the first precious and significant event this year.

Afterward, everyone seated on the grass taking a rest, playing werewolves, cards, and card game UNO, and enjoying yummy snacks, fruits, milk, and water. Everything went smoothly amidst beautiful melodies. In the end, everyone reluctantly ended the group event.

All in all, it was a successful group activity. First, everyone had a great time together, no matter the contestants or the non-participants, and relieved from the exhausted working state. Second, through this activity, people from different departments got to know each other and cooperated with each other, which enhanced the cohesion, tacit agreement, and trust of the team.