The Types of Police Handcuffs

Any law enforcement officer knows that police restraint equipment is their best friend. Handcuffs are the most widely used restraint equipment. They provide officers with an effective way to restrain a suspect, preventing them from escaping, fighting or destroying evidence. So choosing handcuffs is a must-have job with concern.

Currently, there are some popular types of handcuffs to meet the needs for use in different situations, such as: chained handcuffs, hinged handcuffs, rigid handcuffs, and plastic handcuffs.

Chain handcuffs

The most widely known (The ones seen on television shows) handcuffs are simple chain handcuffs. Chain handcuffs are composed of two halves held together by a short chain around 2″ long.


✔️Keep hands closer to limit the person’s movement

✔️Remove from the holster using only one hand


❌ Easily removed if not applied properly

Hinged handcuffs

Compared with that above type of handcuffs, hinged handcuffs are connected by a sturdy hinge with more rigid construction.


✔️Using the same key type across the style


❌More difficult than chained handcuffs for flexible movements to control active detainees

S&W 300 Hinged Handcuffs

Rigid handcuffs

As illustrated in the name of this kind, they basically have similar functionality as hinged handcuffs but focusing on rigidity by a linked solid bar.


✔️ Hold the hands closer together and even eliminate mobility and efforts to defeat the cuffs


❌Look heavier and more cumbersome to carry

ASP Ultra Rigid Handcuffs

Plastic handcuffs

Plastic handcuffs are called “zip ties” as another name for its main function. They are made up of plastic material in the form of a single cable tie around both wrists or with two interlocking straps.


✔️Super cheap, lightweight, easy- portability

✔️Great help in riot control situations

✔️Reduce the risk of infection through blood or body fluids instead of using many people at several times


❌Probability for someone stronger to escape from them by cutting or tearing

❌May cause injury if over-tightening as well.

Bar Handcuffs

Bar handcuffs offer control not provided by chain or hinge handcuffs, offering zero give as opposed to the slight give in hinged handcuffs and the maximum give offered by chain handcuffs.


✔️Offer control not provided by chain or hinge handcuffs


❌Easy to open for suspects


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