Top 10 Selling Pistols in 2022

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If you’re looking for information on some of the most popular handguns in the United States then you’ve come to the right place.


1. Glock 43X

The Glock 43X only weighs 1.44 lbs loaded and features a light 5.4 lbs trigger pull weight. The G43X is a part of the new Slimline series from Glock that provides the same reliability, dependability, and performance as standard Glock frames, but a thinner slide and pistol grip for optimal concealment in any environment.

Pros: Best Sub-compact pistol ever made; Lightweight; One of the smoothest trigger pulls of any Glock; Highest selling pistol in 2021 and so far in 2022.

Cons: It’s not optic-ready.

2. Taurus G3C

The Taurus G3C is the newest addition to replace the ever-popular G2C. If you’re looking for a gun to break in a new shooter or to get a modern striker-fired 9mm with a respectable capacity and reliable accuracy, the G3C is a great option.

Pros: 3 safety mechanisms, including the loaded-chamber indicator, striker block, and trigger safety; Affordable, only $267.99 for a striker-fired CCW; Perfect for EDC/CCW use; Great capacity for a subcompact pistol; Lightweight trigger pull; Only 1.38 lbs.

Cons: Still a really long trigger distance; Feels a little clunky versus all the other pistols on the list. 

3. Glock 19 Gen 5

The Glock 19 is the answer to the gun owners who think the Glock 17 is too big, but don’t want a small Glock 43X or Glock 26 (Baby Glock).

Pros: Great magazine capacity;Lightweight trigger pull; Perfect line-of-sight length for up to 50-yard shots; Perfect as a CCW with the same height as compact Glocks.

Cons: It’s not optic-ready.

4. Taurus G2C

For starters, the main reason this pistol is in the top 10 is because of the low price point. Right now, you can get a brand new 9mm CCW for around $250.

Pros: Most Affordable pistol on the list; One of the most compact pistols for universal CCW application; Lightweight; The aggressive grip with the palm swell provides optimal grip and control; Lightweight trigger pull; 12+1 rounds is great for a CCW.

Cons: Unbelievable long trigger travel; Clunky slide.

5. Glock 44

If you like the Glock 19 and want a .22 LR pistol, there is nothing better or more comfortable than the Glock 44.

Pros: Affordable; Feels, looks, and shoots like a Glock 19, but with less felt recoil.

Cons: The stock barrel isn’t threaded.

6. Glock 43X MOS

The MOS is the same as the Glock 43X, except you can replace the sights on the Modular optics System (MOS) with an aftermarket RDS or tritium night sights.

7. Glock 19X

The Glock 19X is a great gun for larger guys who want the full-size grip of the Glock 17, but like the thinner and shorter slide of the Glock 19 to use as a CCW.

Pros: Perfect for shooters with large hands; The thinner G19 slide allows the G19X to be used as an open carry, duty pistol, or CCW; Incredible magazine capacity;Lightweight;Smooth trigger pull.

Cons: Has trouble feeding off-brand ammo; Expensive.

8. Smith and Wesson M&P45 2.0

The Smith and Wesson M&P 45 2.0 changed the grip angle to 18 degrees to close the gap between them and the Glock.

Pros: Tactile and audible trigger reset; Very light trigger pull, especially for a 45 ACP; Optimal grip angle for natural shooting position; Comes with 4 grip inserts to adjust to any hand size; The aggressive grip helps establish complete control while firing; A 1:15″ twist rate is perfect for a .45 ACP barrel; Very affordable; Aesthetically appealing; Perfect for Open-carry; Great for shooters with larger hands; Optic-ready.

Cons: Only a 10 round magazine;Too long (7.9″) for most CCW applications; The stock white dot sights are unacceptable for a pistol in this price range; For around this price, you could buy a Glock 19 or Glock 43X; Longer trigger distance is longer; White dot sights; For around this price, you could buy a Glock 19 or Glock 43X.

9. Glock 20

The Glock 20 is the perfect hunting companion with its great (15+1) capacity and the power of a 10mm bear-stopper.

Pros: Great magazine capacity; The 6.77″ extended line of sight allows for a quicker and easier target acquisition; Excellent stopping power; Only a 1.34″ width for a comfortable grip; Handles recoil better than any 10mm pistol I’ve ever shot

Cons: Can’t use a CCW or EDC; Expensive; Has the heaviest trigger pull weight of any Glock at 6.29 lbs.

10. Glock 26 Gen 5

For those who’ve been living under a rock, the Glock 26 gen 5 (baby Glock) is the highest selling subcompact pistol outside of the Glock 43X.

Pros: Anyone can use it as a CCW; Impressive magazine capacity for a subcompact pistol; Weighs only 1.62 lbs loaded; Affordable; Glock Marksman Barrel; Fingerless grip

Cons: Not optic-ready; Too small for most above average-sized men.

TIPS: Holsters and guns are the best companions. Cytac R-Defender Holster offers the classic re-holster way – by using the index finger to release. Most senior shooters prefer to choose this type of holster!


No matter what type of shooter you are, you can rely on the American market to give you a diverse set of choices of gun worth looking at.



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