What Gear Do Police Officers Always Have on at All Times?



“As a police officer, what kind of equipment should I carry?” Well, that’s a great question! It all depends on where you work, what your police district requires of you, and what kind of work you do. Below you’ll find what I think is an essential police gear list. That being said, here is a list of basic gears for every police.


Law enforcement officials face many potentially dangerous situations on any given day. Although they are rarely used, the pistol or firearm is an essential element of the police outfit. The Glock handgun is the preferred weapon of choice for most on-duty police officers.

Most police pistols are equipped to hold 15-17 rounds of ammunition.


Police offices work through the day and night, so it’s essential that every officer has a flashlight. Flashlights are multifunctional because they also double as a weapon.

One of the oldest items of police equipment, the baton is generally used to disperse and control crowds of people on the cusp of a riot. Batons also come in handy in protection against unarmed, aggressive people. In addition, batons are often used to break down windows and doors to free or rescue trapped victims in dangerous situations.

Radios are used by most departments to facilitate communication with dispatch and other officers.

Officers may carry a canister of mace or pepper spray to help neutralize individuals. The spray makes it difficult for the assailant to see and breathe, which gives officers time to subdue the individual and make an arrest

Simply put your duty belt and duty belt keepers in the bag and grab them when you need them. Make sure you know how to set up your duty belt, too.

When you change out of uniform, your duty bag is used to hold most of your equipment, keeping it together and handy for the next tour.

Police handcuffs are probably the most used item in their equipment arsenal. Handcuffs are highly effective to keep the suspect under control and prevent them from causing harm to their person, or those around them.

What do you think? Do you think this is a good police gear list? All of the above police gears can be found here with suitable loading tools, such as holster, magazine pouch, flashlight holder…