What to Expect from Mega-Fit Holster Gen2?

Looking for the best universal pistol holster for personal defense or shooting training use? Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 outfits over 150 popular full size and compact semi-automatic pistols around the world, including Glock, Ruger, Beretta, etc. Based on user’s feedback and our ammunition tests, Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 has made great improvements on its appearance and performance to provide users with better experience and more humane services.

Prior to this new product release, we have released several universal and highly compatible index finger release holsters, like Mega-Fit Holster, Mega-Fit Holster Transparent version, Mega-Fit Holster Compact version, etc. Compared with these universal R-Defender holsters, the Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 has made such improvements:

  • Upgraded the index finger release button
  • Lowered the thumb-index web part
  • Increased the front sight space
  • Elevated the upper front height
  • Altered the five front screws into four

1.Upgraded Rhombic Release Button for Better Comfortability and Quick Index Finger Release

This Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 still offers the classic INDEX finger unlocking way to release your handgun. Since users with different body shapes may have different user experiences, we changed the small, round, and exquisite release button and boldly adopted the large rhombic one so that users will have more convenient and reliable access to the button and detach their handguns quickly under various scenarios.

2.Lowered the Thumb-Index Web Incision for Red Dot

Compared with the previous Mega-Fit holster series, we lowered the thumb-index web incision to 11.5mm to ensure that it is compatible with more pistols with red dots. Thus, whether you use the changeable red dots or the original red dot attached to your pistol itself, the holster perfectly fits your handguns like a customization.

3.Increased the Front Sight Space for Wider Compatibility

Look closely and you will find that the front sight space of the holster seems larger than before. Yes, you are right. In fact, the front sight space of the Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 is 5mm higher than the first generation of Mega-Fit Holster to ensure that it supports both foresight-refitted, full-size, and compact semi-automatic pistols without pressure.

4.Elevated the Height for Aesthetics and Stability

By contrast, the upper height of the Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 has been increased so that the handgun keeps still inside the holster. Meanwhile, because we lowered down the thumb-index web incision, the elevated upper height makes a compensation for design aesthetics and balance.

5.4-Screw Tension Adjustment

Without affecting the stability of the handgun inside the holster, we reduced the five front screws into four this time to ensure quick tension adjustment. You can use an appropriate Allen Key attached to your package to quickly adjust the holster tension with lesser time.

Apart from the above improvements, Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 also remains similarities other Mega-Fit holster series share:

  • Made of military-level polymer.
  • The carrying cant can be adjusted 360 degrees.
  • 10 carrying platforms with gear are available for the holster, such as Paddle, R-Quickads Loop, R-Quickads Clip, MOLLE, Drop Leg Platform, Low Ride Belt Loop, Shoulder Harness, Magic Plate, etc.
  • It fits 150+ popular handguns.
  • It offers left/right hand options.
  • Color options: Black, FDE, and OD green.

That’s all about the upgraded Mega-Fit Holster Gen2. Now, it’s time to change a new holster for your pistol!