Why Gun Owners Should Carry Tourniquets?

Studies have shown that most deaths caused by accidents are a result of hemorrhaging or excessive bleeding. This is because bare hand pressure and bandaging can only prevent superficial capillary bleeding. Once the bleeding is from the main artery, the victim will lose too much blood in a very short time and might die. That’s why you need an effective kit that can stop severe main artery bleeding—the tourniquet. In this article, we review some good tourniquets on the market.


1. C.A.T.

The CAT, which stands for “Combat Application Tourniquet” is, by far, one of the most popular tourniquets on the market. The instructions for the C.A.T. show two different methods of employment – single hand and dual hand. The difference being whether you route the strap through one or two of gates on the system’s buckle.

2. SOF-T

SOF-T is similar to the C.A.T in that it is also a windlass design, meaning it has a handle that is twisted to apply circumferential pressure.While there are two models of the SOF-T, the Original with a 1”strap and the Wide with a 1.5” strap. Both feature a consistent application routine, regardless of the method you are using it. 

3. R.A.T.S.

Since the RATS is basically a medical bungee cord with a buckle, it is way too thin to get CoTCCC approval. While it might seem that this design would be more difficult to use one-handed, it’s actually very simple and fast to use — so long as you know what you’re doing. If you just try to pick one up and use it, you might have a problem.

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