Global Pistol Holster Golden Ideas Challenge

Global Pistol Holster Golden Ideas Challenge

What do you expect from future gun holsters?

Share your ideas or designs about future pistol holsters and win prizes up to $1000!

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What do you think of current pistol holsters in the market?

Do they meet your daily demands for a gun holster?

Do they need any improvements or what do you expect of the design and functionality from our holsters? And, if you are given a chance to design a gun holster for yourself, what do you think the future gun holsters must have?


The participation approaches include but are not limited to images, videos, or descriptions. Please CLICK HERE to upload pictures or videos of your design of the gun holster to or write down anything about your concept about the ideal gun holsters. All forms of files or concepts must be original and plagiarism is disqualified for the event. Once your idea is adopted, you will get a prize from us.


Images / Video / Descriptions Submission: September 10 – 30, 2023

Announcement of Winners: October 16, 2023


Cash Prizes

Special Contribution Award – US$1000 (1 Winner)

1st Prize – US$800 (2 Winners)

2nd Prize – US$500 (8 Winners)

Coupon Prizes

3rd Prize – $50 coupon of Cytac Online Store (60 Winners)

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  1. All submitted works will be evaluated by our professional jury, and the evaluation process will be fair and objective.
  2. The results will be announced on October 16, 2023.
  3. Winners will be notified by email, and will be announced on our official website.
  4. It is important to describe comments as fully as possible when writing a comment.


We are excited to see your creative ideas come to life! Don’t miss this chance to win fabulous prizes and showcase your talent to us, Good luck!