Glock M19 Gen5 MOS

Q: This one was picked up a couple of years ago and was advertised as a M19 Gen5 MOS. It appears to be a M19 made in GA and is marked accordingly but, I have not seen another one similar to this one. What do you think?

– Cited from Glock forum


A: Someone bought it and thought the optic plate cover and front serrations didn’t look like from any MOS factory but from aftermarket and even the big porthole in the slide didn’t look well. Well, if you want to give extra protection to your Glock M19 Gen5 MOS, have a look at the Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 (Item No.: CY-UHFSG2), which lowers down the thumb-index web incision to be compatible with red dots and increases the front sight space to support more than 150 full size and compact semi-automatic pistols around the world, such as

G17 Gen5 MOS, G19 Gen5 MOS, Ruger Max-9, Sig Sauer P320 RX, Beretta 92, etc.

It also fits for the original and foresight-refitted pistols.


Besides, the upgraded rhombic release button increases the contact area between your index and the button to release the pistol quickly and comfortably. On top of that, Mega-Fit Holster Gen2 features what every universal holster with index finger releasing way has: 360 degrees wearing cant adjustment, tension adjustment, 10 available carrying platforms, military-grade polymer, right-hand and left-hand options, etc.